Ok, so you are new, this is your first time to even consider something like this, so this is just about that, a more casual look at swinging in Club Rome as opposed to the rules and heavy stuff... (but please be sure to check the rules out, maybe even before you read this as it gives a very good insight on how things work)


First, let's get rid of the perception that when you walk through the door, you going to get groped or you going to get flung into a group of full Happy swinger couplesswingers, maybe throw your car keys in a hat so that your partners will get chosen... IT'S NOT going to happen like that! The Club prides itself in being for all lifestylers. The term lifetsylers is a broad reference to people that prefer to do things a little differently when it comes to sex and the body. It can include Nudists, Swingers, BDSM folk... a very broad reference! So that being said, you can walk into the Club, just sit normally like you would anywhere else and have a drink, even something to eat and literally just check it out...except the people are MUCH friendlier! We have Swingers from all levels, Swingers that only want to be watched, they don't want to swop partners so we do really cater for all "wants". So what happens through the rest of the night.. REALLY IS ALL UP TO YOU!


Then something else to consider. Who are you doing this for! Well, you certainly not doing it for anyone else. You doing it for yourselves! Maybe spice up your sex life, and believe me, this will spice up your own sex life, even just a casual visit and you have not participated in anything! The high sexual energy of the Club just says that you will feel sexy, you will feel good and that always lead to good places! You are not here to satisfy other peoples need. Sure, others will have the same interest, the same ideas, and those are the people that you will end up attaching to over time and having similar like minded fun with. Think about this... when is the last time you went out and had fun.. I mean REALLY had fun.. like when you used to go out at college.. let your hair down and REALLY had fun


Another mis-perception is "are we good enough" or "we maybe not the right shape/size/look" or something like this. Please don't think like that! The world outside of Club Rome can be very cruel and gives this perception that people only appreciate you or look at when you are the super model type of gent or lady. Yup... that would be it OUTSIDE of Club Rome, but not inside! We have members from all walks of life, all parts of the country, all shapes and size... and everyone appreciates everyone for who they are and what THEY want to look like. In fact, many people quickly, and i mean quickly, sometimes in a matter of a couple of parties, that people enjoy them, they learn to appreciate themselves again and get a sense of freedom back! I could not count the number of ladies that have said "who would have guessed i would be walking around with no clothes on or see through clothes as i have never been comfortable with myself... but now i do!"


So what happens as you walk through the door... well, you first come through reception where the reception will assist you with your invite and get you sorted out there. From there you are normally introduced to the hosting couple that are around the door that assist you with some basic paperwork (confidentiality agreement basically) and then give some really basic tips, then take you through, show you the bar, where you can sit and the loo's. A little later, around 8.45pm, everyone that is on there first night at Club Rome is called, sit in a group outside or inside along with the others (sometimes as many as 30 new people) so you not alone, and then go through the rules, advise, suggestions, then take you on a FULL tour of the club. Once this is done, you feel relaxed and suddenly realise your nervous feelings.. well not so nervous any more, and actually get to have some fun, mingle, chat, dance and maybe even end up in a pool later (if you want of course)! The number of people in the Club can vary between 20 to 240!


Why choose a Club to start off with. Bluntly.. there is NO SAFER WAY! At Club Rome, the rules you checked out, we are really serious about them. We have staff (Un-paid and swingers only interested in seeing to it that people have fun they WANT to have) in the Club every night, on a busy night as many as 10 - 15. At private parties, not that we bashing them, some can be great, but remember someone is paying to throw a swingers party, someone has THEIR idea of what they want as they throwing the party, it could go places that you NEVER planned! At a Club, you have the security of the Club, the rules, and the members... and believe me, the members are very protective over Club Rome.. it's there play place!  YOU ARE FREE TO DO WHAT YOU WANT, NOT SOMEONE ELSE'S IDEA. 


So the reason behind passing some of this info on is this... we get people that apply to attend the club, but sometimes don't take up that invite, normally to the "nerves". Now we know it's not for EVERYONE out there, but here's the thing, how will you know if you don't at least pitch up! This is not something you can judge from other peoples comments, you need to see it for yourself, if it is for you.. oh WOW.. you gonna have fun... if it's not, hey then you tried, came and saw, made a proper decision on the CORRECT FACTS and left it that. If you don't use that invite...it's not going to affect us, the only peeps it's going to affect is yourselves!


See you soon for some really serious fun!