Respect the rules of the Empire, as well as your fellow citizens or face the wrath of Caesar!




Should you disregard any of these rules you will be banished from the Empire to live a life in exile for ever!!

The Roman Empire, its generals and all other citizens strive to have environment that is not only secure, respected and peaceful, but also free of politics and traitors. Therefore you are kindly requested to read these rules and abide by them. We request that you print these rules out and sign them. The signed printed rules have to accompany your application/registration form to your introduction meeting as well as to help speed up the selection process.

Anyone who is willing to adhere to the terms, conditions and rules of the Empire, after the selection process, is eligible to become a citizen of Club Rome as a Roman Gladiator...The following basic rules apply to both the club and your conduct on this website.

General Club and Internet site rules:

* Respect the citizens.

* No rude/vulgar behavior will be tolerated.

* Only facial pictures and tasteful nude body shots will be accepted (NO pornographic/explicit materials) on your Profile Picture, as all members can see this. On your picture gallery you can load explicit pictures if you want. Pictures may not be of anyone but yourself and your partner. (No Children, Family or Friends may be included in your pictures)

* Most citizens prefer that you start a decent conversation with them before requesting a connection or viewing their photos or requesting contact details.

* Please take note that some users may take offense to rude/vulgar language, so choose your grammar/message/language carefully.

* To assist in making the Empire a 100% pure citizen's site, we insist that you place information and photos that are real and genuine and not offensive. Offensive material will not be tolerated

* Ensure that you read the citizens' profiles and respect their wishes. Do not make contact if you do not fall within their preferred category unless invited or otherwise stated.

* Treat fellow citizens with courtesy, dignity and respect, in the same manner that you would expect others to treat you.

* Please do not publish your personnel contact details on the website as we take great trouble to keep your private details off the website. NO BBM pin numbers EMAIL or CELL NUMBERS....

* NO means NO. If you ask someone to dance, for a phone number, or to join you in a room, etc., and they say no, and then accept it. If they change their minds, they will approach you. Nobody needs to justify or explain his or her answer. BE AWARE OF THE ORGY AND DARK ROOM WHERE EVERYTHING GOES AND HENCE YOU CAN'T SAY NO TO PLAYING WITH OTHERS.

* NO pressure. It is important that people feel no pressure to interact, dance, or to participate in any activity whatsoever. Everyone should feel comfortable and at ease.

* We DO NOT tolerate stalking of members

* We DO NOT tolerate the misuse of your privileges.

* We DO NOT promote politics or slander of any kind whether it is directed to a venue, a person or instance.

* We promote courtesy, dignity and respect to your fellow citizens.

* Use the facilities with care, keeping in mind that it is a privilege granted to you.

* No drunken behavior. Have a few drinks by all means. If however, you become disorderly, you will be asked to leave.

* Absolutely no drugs. No illegal substances are permitted on our premises. Anyone suspected of being in possession of, or dealing in drugs, will be asked to leave and banned from the club. If the offense is severe enough, the SAPS will be informed.

* No cameras (including cell phones equipped with cameras) or firearms are allowed on the premises.

* Lockers are available for safekeeping of clothing (We do not accept responsibility for any loss whatsoever)

* Escorts, male and female - Citizens may NOT employ the services of escorts to attend parties with them and "act" as a couple. Swingers have long term relationships and this is considered a threat to relationships by swingers. Any member that is found to have employed the services of an escort or similar will be asked to leave immediately and banned. (We have no dis-respect to working gents and ladies, however swingers generally choose not to play with escorts etc)

Club rules:

However where applicable, some of the rules apply to the Internet site.

Ladies Rule

* Ladies are in charge, and men have to take the backseat.

* Men are therefore not allowed to approach women to initiate any sexual interaction.

* Ladies or couples do all the approaching.

* Guys, remember you want the ladies to feel comfortable and at ease, so let them run the show and you might get a lot luckier than you thought would be possible.

Room rules

* There are various room rules applicable to different areas of Club Rome.

* The general club rules apply throughout Club Rome, so please be respectful, courteous and dignified in your behavior at all times.

* Respect other couples' space and be gracious when turned down.

* Never make any kind of comments or remarks while being a voyeur. It's rude and in bad taste.

* Some rooms in the house are non-smoking, for obvious fire hazard reasons.

* General smoking - Club Rome is a private house, therefore in general smoking is allowed. Please pay attention to rooms that have NO SMOKING signs though for fire hazard reasons and non-smokers. HUBBLY BUBBLY's (with standard Tobacco of course) are ONLY permitted outside in the court yard area.

* Some rooms also have a 'no drinks allowed' policy. There's nothing worse than lying on a wet sheet and wondering why it's wet, or how it got wet, or even ending up being sticky afterwards.

* In the private areas, if the door is open you may enter and participate if permission is given. If the door is closed do not disturb and stay out.

* Please respect other people's privacy.

Private Areas

* These are areas in the Club where couples can be private.

* If the door is closed to a room it means that the occupants prefer to be on their own without any disturbances and other members have to respect their space.

* If the occupants would like to extend an open invitation to join them in that room they will hang a sign on the outside of the door (for example 'single male' welcome to join.)

* The private areas include:

o Rooms of the Gods and Goddesses (Cubical)

o Mirror room

o Venus Room – Where the lovers can enjoy a private time.

Open Areas

* These rooms are for all to enjoy together.

* These are areas in the club where people are free to join in the fun or simply be a voyeur and watch.

* No one can stop another person from entering any open area and making use of the room at the same time, however you may say no to that couple/person if they want to get involved with you and you don't want to get involved with them EXCEPT THE ORGY ROOM AND DARK ROOM

* The open areas include:

o Circus Maximums - Where everything starts (Main Club Area)

o Caesars Food Emporium - Where citizens enjoy the delicious food provided by Caesar

o Voyeurs Room - The arena where citizens go who enjoy being watched

o Dungeon - Where citizens are tortured and inflict torture

o Slave box

o Couples only Orgy Room

o Roman Baths - Where the citizens can cleanse their bodies and souls

Voyeurs Room:

* Couples only room.

o Total nudity.

o May watch or be watched.

o No smoking and no drinks allowed.

o No single men allowed (unless invited by a couple).

Orgy Room:

Couples and singles room.

o Total nudity.

o May watch or be watched.

o No smoking and no drinks allowed.

o Single men allowed in this room.


o Respect always to be maintained.


The Dungeon

* Bring your own whips.

* Don't beat the crap out of anybody.

* Don't leave anybody tied up unattended.

Slave Box

* This tiny room is situated next to the Bath in the Coliseum and is wonderful to make use of, if you know you won't make it to any other room 'cause you're in the mood, hot and ready.

* No glasses or bottles allowed in the Bath area (Ask for plastic glasses).

Dark room

Here anything goes.

* The only time you are allowed to say NO in the Dark room is for health reasons namely, refusal of using a condom or anal sex.

o The room is for everybody else and no male on male contact is allowed in there.

o No smoking and no drinks allowed. No lighters, candles or torches allowed - we'd like to keep it dark and anonymous.

Couples ONLY Orgy Room

* This is the old media Room, upstairs near the mirror room


No single ladies or gents allowed in this room

All COUPLES participate with each other

If you are un-comfortable, then leave the room.

you may ONLY say NO to someone attempting Anal or not using a condom

Shadow Room

This is situated upstairs above the bar area

The ENTIRE upstairs area is a NON-SMOKING area

Everyone is welcome to watch the shadow room if people are there

Do NOT bang the door, please have respect and leave the people to enjoy themselves

Do not make lots of noise outside the area while watching

Swing Room

This is situated next to the Dark Room upstairs. This is a PRIVATE room with a swing in and lockable door

Same rules as private rooms

No banging on the door

Please do not tie someone up on the swing and leave them there!

Outside play cubicle

This is outside in the courtyard area and shielded by semi see through walls. It has padded fake grass on the floor

It is a PRIVATE area, if people are playing in the there,  DO NOT GO IN

You may watch through the walls

Do not make an unnecessary noise etc when people are playing there

Roman Baths

* Open to everyone

* The cold pool allows smoking and ash trays are provided. Please use them.

* Both pool areas allow PLASTIC glasses, for obvious reasons. Would you like to explain to a nurse or doctor at 3am in the morning, why your partners' private parts are in your hands?

Complaints, Procedures and Channels

Some matters are deemed to be common sense, yet without the Official Procedures and Channels members that wish to lodge a complaint need to know what is required.


When reporting an issue please ensure that you have all the facts, and that those facts are relevant to Club Rome. This is necessary for the complaint to be fully investigated; the results of such an investigation will determine the official actions taken by the club and its management. We cannot, and will not be drawn into issues outside the club. We will however take action should an incident outside the club have a negative impact on the club or its members.


There are two ways to report or log a complaint against a Club Rome member via the website.

Click on the members profile name. This will take you to their profile, then click on Moderation, then click on Report User. There is a text block provided for you to supply as much detail regarding your complaint as possible. This method of reporting a Club Rome member is sent to the Webmaster.

Send an email directly to the webmaster. To send an email to any of these members go to the Club Rome website and click on the relevant profile. Select messages and then click on Email. This will enable you to send an email directly to the member you have selected.

Reporting an issue at the club during a party.

All Staff members are identifiable by the white wristband. Feel free to approach any staff member concerning any query or complaint. Alternatively report the incident to our receptionist or barman. Pending the seriousness of the complaint the procedures as stipulated below will be followed.


Once a formal complaint has been lodged in writing, the member against whom the complaint has been lodged will have their profile suspended. This is done for the following reasons –:

To ensure that the situation is contained and does not deteriorate.

To ensure that the information remains confidential.

To eliminate public debate as this may influence the investigation.

The management team will then contact all parties concerned to consider evidence pertaining to the outcome of the hearing.

Once a decision has been made there will be no opportunity to appeal. The verdict is final.

Pending the seriousness of the matter a member may be suspended from both the site and the club for a given period, or may be permanently banned from both the club and the website.

IF you have a problem or want to report something, please feel free to contact any of the Senators or Generals. You will find contact details under contact us.