Daytime Fun info

IF YOU HAD A DTF PROFILE ON THE OLD WEBSITE (pre 201609), this article will be more helpfull... Click Here ...

Daytime fun parties are exactly that, held generally on a Wednesday day between 11am and 6pm every week (PLEASE check the party page to en-

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sure that there is a party scheduled on a specific Wednesday. This can change without very little notice, especially around public holidays)


The entrance and profile requirements are not as strict as the night parties. THE RULES and how you are expected to conduct yourself however, are exactly the same as night parties! There is no leniance to anyone breaking rules, with special note to the ladies rule.


Some people do not want to, or cannot, attend night parties, and hence the idea of going through an invitation and full introduction scenario is not neccessary and may not be achievable. Daytime parties make sense for this sort of applicant to Club Rome.


You can register a specific DAYTIME ONLY profile. This will give access to DTF (Daytime Fun) parties, but you need to clearly be aware it ONLY gives access to DTF parties and not Night parties AT ALL. It is also very limited website access. You can basically book for DTF parties, but messaging features, forums etc are restricted.


You can later request a Night party invitation to become a full member if you like, there is nothing stopping that.


If you would like a DTF only profile, the go the registration page, register a profile, BE SURE to choose the correct field in the very first option.



Couples and singles can (and do) attend DTF events.

Make yourself aware of the rules and conditions of Club Rome . You can do that here

Please read up on the general Club Rome information. You can do that here.

Note that NO ONE is guaranteed and invitation or acceptance at Club Rome.

You MUST have a registered profile in order to attend DTF events.


Please DO NOT bring 'guests' that do not have a profile. They must either be registered on your profile up front OR create their own profile and get acceptance. YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY with a guest (partner/date)  that has no profile.


We look forward to seeing you at the Club for some awesome fun!