Hey... don't stress.... you in the right place! A lot has changed since you last logged in! The OLD DTF site is no more! Read on so you know where to next please..


If you are new and looking at joing Daytime Fun parties (not a night member or DTF member), then please go to this page.


If you have been redirected here AND you had a registered and approved profile on then please follow these instructions:


If you have an active MAIN site profile, you do not need to do anything! Just log in as normal, book for parties as normal (even the profile has been restricted from not attending for a while, you can still book for parties)




1) Your username and email address was the same on DTF as Club Rome

This means nothing was imported from the DTF site. You can log in as normal on the New Club Rome site, as you would normally, and book for DTF parties as you would normally book for Club Rome parties. If we had imported it, it would have over-written you Main profile data. Your good to go as is!!


2) Your username was the same on DTF as Club Rome, but email was different on both sites OR you were only a DTF member

Nothing has been imported into Club Rome. You can just use your Club Rome profile to book for DTF parties as normal. HOWEVER, you MAY also have had the same username as a previous member on Club Rome in which case we regret (we really do regret) that you have lost that username. The whole purpose is make it easier for all to use one site and this is a regretable side affect. 

Not all is lost! Please create a new profile and username on the Club Rome site, register as a Daytime Fun Member, then you can contact the webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the new username and the old username on DTF (we can still check it out for you) and the profile will be opened up for you.


3) Your username was different on DTF from ClubRome, email was different or the same OR you were only a DTF member and had no main profile

Your profile has been fully imported into the Club Rome site. You can log in with that profile and ONLY book for DTF parties with that profile. Since as it was originally a DTF only profile, then it remains a DTF only profile. You can have this profile deleted IF YOU HAVE A FULL CLUB ROME PROFILE, as that will also work as you will now be maintaining 2 profiles on the same site. Please contact the webmaster to do so OR you can maintain the profile if you wish to keep your username seperate from DTF and Main night parties...all up to you. PLEASE THOUGH... go to your profile and UPDATE the information that is required as the DTF site was not as detailed as CR. Please ALSO if the same email address is on BOTH OF YOUR PROFILES with different usernames, you will need to change one of them. The site only allows one email address in the system. This would have created duplicates. YOU HAVE 6 MONTHS to make this update to your email address, after which we will delete DTF profiles that have duplicated email address's in the system. If you don't have one, please create a yahoo, gmail etc address.


If you have gone through this.. and still not sure what is happening, please contact the webmaster for assistance. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.