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Well, If you have come this far, then we guess you are excited or maybe just curious. Below is a wealth of information on the club. Please take the time to read through it all so that you know what happens, what to expect. Please don't just call us.. chances are your questions are answered below. If you have been through it and not answered your questions, then feel free to give us a shout!

A few quick pointers and notes before you get going:


  • Please do not just pitch up at Club Rome, you will be turned away if you do not have an Invitation.

  • In order to get an invitation, go through the information on site. Once happy, use REGISTER a new profile. If you are approved, the webmaster will send you an invite on your registered (and confirmed) email address. This invite can be used to attend a party and become verified.

  • Every person at Club Rome is verified in person. You WILL NOT get access to the website any other way.

  • Club Rome is South Africas largest swingers club at 1700m2..

  • You don't have to SWING, but can just come along and be with like minded adults or even just see what the hype is all about... We have many nudists and exibitionists who join our parties only for the naughty atmosphere.

  • We strongly enforce the rules of NO IS NO and the LADIES RULE... anyone can say NO to anything and NO gent may touch ladies AT ALL without their invitation and consent...

  • Read on and the ABOUT US SECTIONS to find out about swinging, what is involved and what you need to know to join in the most exciting club life and lifestyle to ever exist!



  • Contact Us

    Please select the CORRECT person to contact:   Club events, party information and all aspects around club activity: ...Read more: Contact Us



  • FAQ's

    Everyone always has a ton of questions about swinging, the club, what happens at parties etc. This section of the website provides some answers to...Read more: FAQ's


  • Rules

    Respect the rules of the Empire, as well as your fellow citizens or face the wrath of Caesar! WARNING! Should you disregard any of these rules you...Read more: Rules


  • Terms of Use

    When you sign up for any service within Club Rome you agree to all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Please read the following terms...Read more: Terms of Use





Still have Questions: Whatsapp us on: O76 020 0048


New area Club Pictures - recent renovations

  • Revamped areas in the club_21
  • Revamped areas in the club_16
  • Revamped areas in the club_2
  • Revamped areas in the club_19
  • Revamped areas in the club_3
  • Revamped areas in the club_8
  • Revamped areas in the club_10
  • Revamped areas in the club_4
  • Revamped areas in the club_20
  • Revamped areas in the club_9
  • Revamped areas in the club_18
  • Revamped areas in the club_7
  • Revamped areas in the club_1
  • Revamped areas in the club_22
  • Revamped areas in the club_13
  • Revamped areas in the club_12
  • Revamped areas in the club_6
  • Revamped areas in the club_14
  • Revamped areas in the club_15
  • Revamped areas in the club_5

Club Pictures

  • Dungeon
  • Courtyard_8
  • Mirror Room
  • Main Club Area
  • Private Room
  • Dungeon
  • Mirror Room
  • Private Room
  • Ladies Loo
  • Club Area
  • Main Club Area
  • Private Room
  • Voyeurs Room
  • Voyeurs Room
  • Bar
  • Private Room
  • Lighting System
  • Private Room
  • Bar
  • Lighting System